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All the positive features of PAX 2 have been upgraded and with PAX 3 from PAX Laboratories (formerly Ploom) significant progress has been made. Its slim and elegant exterior is still recognizable but the color options have been upgraded to Black, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold. Its beautiful appearance is combined with the even more beautiful feeling in the hand and is easy to use even for beginners. Internally, however, the new RAX 3 vaporizer has been significantly upgraded. The driving force for this was the comments about its predecessor and so RAX 3 is now accompanied by a new concentrate insert that facilitates the switching from solids to liquid aromatherapy blends.

One of the few complaints about RAX 2 was that its booth was too large for users who wanted a short run. With that in mind, the revamped RAX 3 vaporizer has been improved and now has a half-pack lid which is ideal for users who want short sessions. It is also accompanied by 3 selection caps for the chamber to satisfy the various steaming styles. There is also a choice between 2 mouthpieces. There is no doubt, however, that the top feature of the RAX 3 is that it heats up in just 15 seconds and usually offers about 1.5 hours of total operating time.


Externally, the new RAX vaporizer is very similar to its predecessor, the RAX 2. It has the same sleek but sturdy anodized aluminum housing. RAX 2 users liked this as it was sophisticated enough to use it on special occasions but it remains just as durable to be placed in a backpack and follow its owner outdoors. However, the refurbished RAX 3 vaporizer has updated color combinations and is available in Black, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold. In addition to the useful LED display, RAX 3 from RAX Labs has a tactile alert (vibrates when ready to use).


Of course, more is needed than the external appearance to achieve the best evaporation experience and RAX 3 is ready to perform to the maximum in this area as well. Starting from the beginning, the PAX vaporizer comes with 2 mouthpieces to choose from which cater to the different preferences of the user. The new concentrate insert will be of great benefit to many people who want a vaporizer that can work with two types of aromatherapy blends simply and comfortably as well as effectively. The new RAX 3 is also accompanied by an oven with the possibility of using half the package for users who want shorter operating periods.

What remains the same is the fact that the RAX vaporizer has its own oven right at the base of the device which means that the vapor path is longer compared to most portable vaporizers. This practically means that the steam has the necessary time to cool slightly before it reaches the mouth and this reduces the risk of burning your lips or tongue. The purity of the taste is ensured since the steam passage is made of stainless steel. In terms of temperature, another significant improvement is the fact that the heating time of RAX 3 is literally reduced by one third compared to RAX 2. The PAX 3 vaporizer is ready for use in just 15 seconds. Finally, its impressive battery life allows you to use it for a total of 1.


The PAX 3 from PAX Laboratories (Ploom) is ideal as a single vaporizer but also has Bluetooth connectivity which allows it to work with a smartphone which creates new possibilities for more enjoyable and comfortable steaming periods. The four preset heating functions help in the following: efficiency, taste, toning and discretion. The energy efficiency function is the best choice for general use as it continues to increase the oven temperature throughout the operating period. The taste function aims to optimize the softness of the taste which has as a priority to give off dense clouds of steam. The boost function keeps the oven warmer for a longer period of time and therefore reduces the automatic cooling periods. This is the right choice for fast and intense periods of use where users want to achieve the highest vapor density. The discreet function is essentially the opposite as it increases the cooling periods and is the best choice for those who want very light steam. All the above functions can be customized by the user. 

 Temperature Level Options:

  • Temperature 1 - 360F / 182C - 1 Green LEDs (16 second pre-heat time)
  • Temperature 2 - 380F / 193C - 2 Yellow LEDs (16 second pre-heat time)
  • Temperature 3 - 400F / 204C - 3 Orange LEDs (17 second pre-heat time)
  • Temperature 4 - 420F / 215C - 4 Red LEDs (18 second pre-heat time)
  • Brand: Pax
  • Product Code: PAX30806GOL
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €270.00€

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