Protection of Personal Data
The You And Me, has created the present web page with unique aim the service of their customers. The web page youandme. gr is a simple and friendly in its use while it has been created in order to corresponds in the particular needs of each user.In order to achieve your better service, is important you, our customer, occupy that you should provide us specifc information that concerns the transaction of your order and which are safeguarded by us.

The present Statement of Protection of Personal Data and the attached in this Terms and Conditions of Use of present web page describe the method of collection of data from the web page youandme. gr, the use of these data from us and the terms and conditions of use of present web page. The present Statement of Protection of Personal Data is reported exclusively in your personal data, which you provide us at the duration of your orders in the present web page.

The information that has been given volunteerly by the users of reported web page, is used from youandme. gr, in order that its users have direct and essential communication with the shop, for them are provided answers in specific questions that put an end and they are served and are executed their orders. The information that collects youandme. gr via the web page they have as aim to measure its number of visit, to determine the requirements of customers for more products and to facilitate in dealings with the company. Youandme. gr does not distribute in no other organism or collaborator that is not connected with youandme. gr the electronic addresses, or any other information that concerns the users and its customers.

Concentration of information
Youandme. gr it created its web page so its users can visit it without he needs they reveal their identity except and if they wish. It is asked by the visitors of our web page, to provide us with their personal data only in case of where they want they order product (s), to be registered in our web page and/or they send email in

Use of Information.
Youandme. gr collects three presses of information with regard to the users:

  1. elements that the user gives us at his registration as customer,
  2. elements that the user gives us so that he is executed his order from youandme. gr,
  3. elements that the user gives us in attendances of competitions that accomplished at times . At the completion of anyone of formas order in our web page, you will be asked for the full name, the address, postal code of your region, your electronic address, your telephone, elements of credit card, the way of payment of the order. Additionally it can be asked from you also more specific information, as elements of mission of - delivery of the order, elements of pricing or details with regard to offer that you have asked. Youandme. gr it makes use of information that you give us at the duration of electronic mission formas, so to have contact with you with regard to
    (i) the delivery of order in your space,
    (ii) for confirmation and identification of customer in each necessary case, 
    (iii) for new or alternative products that are offered from youandme. gr,
    (iv) his special offers youandme. gr. You have the possibility of selecting if you want or no of receiving such type communications from youandme. gr sending your demand via e - mail in the electronic address sales @

Access in the Information.
Each transact of order requires the collection of personal elements, for delivery or reservation of the order.On behalf of you producing of your personal data, means that assent this data that are used by his employees youandme. gr for the reasons that were reported more. Youandme. gr it requires from his employees and the conservers of his web page they provide in his users-customer the level of safety that is reported in the present Statement of Protection of Personal Data. In no other case youandme. gr it cannot be shared with other your personal elements without a priori your own consent, except and if this is required via the legal road. We request in order that you take into consideration your that under specific conditions that are allowed or imposed by the law or base of juridicial decision, the collection, use and the revelation of your personal data, which has been collected online without on behalf of your priori consent (for example in case of juridicial decision).

The has the possibility of using cookies as part of facilitation but also operation of services via his web page. The Cookies are small files (text files), which are sent and looked after in the computer of user, allowing in web pages as youandme. gr, they function smoothly and without technical abnormalities, are collected multiple choices of user, they recognize the frequent users, they facilitate their access in this, and for the collection of data on the improvement of content of web page. The Cookies do not cause damage in the computers of users but also in the files that are looked after in them. We use cookies in order for you to provide information and are fulfilled your orders while in your each expense from site they are erased automatically. It should you keep in mind your that cookies they are absolutely necessarily so that functions rightly and smoothly the web page www. youandme. gr.

Correction, Modification or Deletion of Information
Youandme. gr allows in his users to correct, to change, to complete supplement or to erase data and information that has been brought in youandme. gr.If you select to erase a information, youandme. gr it will act so as to be erased this information from the files immediately. For the protection and the safety of the user the youandme. gr will try it is certified that the person that makes the changes is indeed the same person with the user. In order to you have access, you change or you erase your personal data, in order to you report problems with regard to the operation of web page or in order to you make any question contact with youandme. gr or via e - mail in the electronic address sales @ youandme. gr. The change or the correction of your personal data can become also via his page of registration youandme. gr.We request in order that you take into consideration that we will make everything that is possible so that we protect your personal data, but their protection of your code of access in our web page it depends also from you.

Safety of transactions
Youandme. gr it is committed with regard to in the guarantee of safety and the integrity of data that it collects with regard to the users of his web page. Youandme. gr it has adopted processes, which they protect the personal data that the users bring in its web page or for it provide with any other means (ph. by phone). These processes protect the data of users from anyone not allowed access or revelation, loss or bad use, and change or destruction. They help also in it is certified that this elements are precise and are used rightly. Your connection in this is sure because it uses technology SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Technology SSL is supported in a code key for encryption of given front they are dispatched via the (SSL) connection. The control of safety between the data and the Server becomes with base the unique code key ensuring in full the communication.

Periodical Changes
Continuously youandme. gr it extends, it informs and improves his web page, and the with regard to this products and services, it will renew also the present policy. To you we recommend reading this process in regular time intervals, so that you are informed for by any chance changes in the content of present political protection of personal data. Acceptance of the process of protection of personal data that does the

If you use the present web page you accept and assent with the present Statement of Protection of Personal Data as well as with the terms and the Conditions of use of web page that have been announced via this.


Limited authorisation
Youandme. gr, under the terms and the conditions that are placed in the present and all the applicable laws and regulations, it grants not to you an exclusive, non-transferable, personnel, limited right of access, use and this presentation of web page and its content of elements. This authorisation does not constitute transfer of title in the web page and in its elements and beings in the following restrictions: (1) it should you maintain in all the copies of web page and its elements, all the visits that concern intellectual rights and other property rights and (2) cannot modify the web page and its elements with no way or repeat or present in public, or distribute or with other way to use the web page and its elements on any public or commercial aim, unless otherwise it is allowed with the present.

Youandme. gr maintains the right to alter or to modify the applicable terms and conditions on the use of web page in any time .Such, modifications, additions or deletions in the terms and the conditions of use will be placed in force immediately by their notification, which can be given with each means included, but no restrictively, the place of new terms and conditions in the web page. Each use of web page then such change or modification will be considered that it constitutes acceptance on behalf of you such changes, modifications, additions or deletions. Youandme. gr it can, in any time moment, denounce, it changes, it suspends or it interrupts anyone individual operation of this web page of included availability, her photograph of presentation or description of any product or service.

Restriction of Responsibility
Youandme. gr,its emloyees its representatives, does not have any responsibility under any conditions, for any consequent, accessory, indirect, special compensations or expenses or pecuniary sentences, included, but no restrictively, leakage profits, interruption of operation of enterprise, loss of information or data, or loss of clientele, loss or damage of fortune, and everyone who claims of third parts they result from or concerning the use, the copy, or the presentation of this web page or her content or any other connected web page, independent if the youandme. gr it had been informed, knew or should it knows this probability.

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