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As a main way of outlet for our products we have adopted the system of franchising. This system allowes the right of commercial use of the brandname 'You & Me' in elite entrepreneurs, lisensee franchisees. The concession is exclusively given in the city where each licensee - franchise is located.

The terms of cooperation enshrined in policy and include rights and obligations for both sides. Among the obligations of the Company 'You & Me' has a dominant position the supervision and management support for the new store, especially during the first months of operation. With special employees supervisers continues throughout the course of cooperation.

The franchisor company intervenes supporting when it is requested or it is necessary, if it is established that the acts or omissions in the practise of the management of the store affect or reduce the validity and credibility of the franchisor company as a whole or specific.

The franschisor company makes great advertising at a national level, which is extremely favorable for the franchisees in their region. The business of the institution Franchising brings great benefits and offers flexibility that make it very attractive not only in the Greek market but also internationally. The instances of successful business networks in this system are confirming the effectiveness of the institution.


Location: Zisimopoulou str. 9 16678 Glyfada, Greece

Tel.:+30 210 4615750

Fax:+30 210 4615750


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Responsible Development Franchise:Μr Plaitakis Iraklis