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Weight:330 grSize: 6cm x 6,7cm x 17cmMade in:GermanyCigar Spa electronic humidifier - The Cigar Spa has a High-Tech Humidity Sensor: High-Tech Humidity Senor Measures the humidity level accurately to +/-2%. It has a button for adjustment Choose your own humidity level between 65% and 75%. Second High-Tech Sensor: This unique sensor ensures accuracy and safety. The Refill neck: allows for easy refilling with distilled water. The Evaporation unit has carefully selected materials guarantee fast evaporation. The Water container holds 230 cm3 of water and is good for approx 4 months of operation. The Battery Compartment holds 4 AA mignon cells which will power the unit for a year. The Mini -pump supplies the evaporation unit most accurately with the right amount of water, and all these elements are controlled by a micro processor which adjusts perfectly to the individually chosen humidity level .
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